1. Are the products in the online store also available in the store?

All products in the online store marked as 'available' are also available in the physical store. Those products marked as 'unavailable' are not available.


2.  I would like to buy a product and pick it up today. Do I have to wait until you get it from your supplier?  

It is always possible to pick up your product on the same day in our store. We have to point out here that our store is not an advertising/middleman service. The store is managed through our own company and all the products we offer are available in real-time.


3. I would like to place an order online, but I want to pick up the ordered products in the store. Is that possible?

It is possible to place an order for our products through our online store, by phone or by email and pick the products up at the location of our physical store and at any time you find convenient within our working hours.


4. I live outside of Zagreb. However, the total weight of the ordered products is under 2 kg. Do I still have to pay the 40 HRK delivery charge?

If the total weight of the ordered products is not over 2 kg, the delivery charge is 25 HRK.


5. I would like to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh dairy products. If the products I would like to buy are marked as 'unavailable' in the online store, when can I expect they would be available again?

Fresh foodstuffs are available on Fridays and Saturdays. Availability of seasonal foodstuffs depends on the season. We recommend ordering in advance.


6. I would like to place an order for a number of products and send those products as a present to a person of my choice. Is that possible?

Of course. All you have to do is tick the 'Deliver to another address' box when filling in the order form and submit the requested information about the person you want to receive the products.


7. I have noticed that you have gift-sets but I'd like to choose products for a gift-set. Is that possible?

It is possible to create gift-sets by using our gift-boxes and baskets. Please pay attention to the weight and quantitative restriction of our gift-boxes and baskets.


8. What does the picture of one little delivery vehicle displayed next to certain products represent?

The products with the mentioned picture can only be delivered within the Zagreb delivery area. Because the said products have to be stored at low temperatures we can not deliver them outside the mentioned delivery area.


9. I have placed an order to be delivered outside of the Zagreb delivery area. Unfortunately, I was not at the address when the delivery driver arrived.

The delivery driver will always contact you immediately if he doesn't find you at the location of delivery (or another person who is indicated as recipient) and arrange an alternative time for delivery.


10. Are the prices in the online store the same as those in the store at Kninski trg 7?

Yes they are. All the prices shown on the website are identical to those in our physical store in Zagreb.

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