Artichoke leaf tea

Artichoke leaf tea
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  • Ingredients: Cynara Folium 100%.
  • Size: 40g
  • Country of origin: Croatia
  • Use before: 30.06.2021.
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Product details

The leaves of the artichoke are most commonly used for medicinal purposes. When the leaves are dried, they are often used to make a tea.The drink acts as a diuretic and improves liver function. This herbal tea has become more and more favorite around the world thanks to its magnificent health benefits. Although being called tea, this artichoke drink contains no caffeine.Artichoke tea can help stimulate the immune system, prevent the risk of inflammation and intensify the resistance of the body against illnesses. Now, artichoke tea is not only cleansing and nourishing to the liver and digestive tract, but it can also rid constipation when sipped on daily, can ease IBS symptoms safely, and help keep the hair, nails and skin looking beautiful. The artichoke tea is an infusion of bitter flavor, with diuretics and depurative properties, which contribute to the good hepatobiliary system functioning, to lose weight and to lower the cholesterol.The artichoke tea is rich in folic acid, vitamin A1, vitamin B1, vitamin C as well as in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and dietetic fibers.antioxidant, choleretic, hepatoprotective, bile-enhancing and lipid-lowering effects have been demonstrated.

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OPG Francetić
  • Name: OPG Francetić
  • Address: Vinogradska 110, Kloštar Ivanić 10312
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