About us

Fino.hr is an online store that sells organic home-grown food. It was opened in May 2010 and at that time it was the first store of that type in the Republic of Croatia. All products from the store can also be purchased at our pyshical store at Kninski trg 7 - Zagreb, Vrbik.

This is where you can find and buy a wide array of foodstuffs, produced by small family holdings and family owned businesses. Most of the products have the EKO quality mark (organic products). The certification means that the foodstuffs they grow come from soil that has not been treated with chemicals. Also, the crops have not been treated with chemical fertilisers or pesticides. The growers pay special attention to follow the natural cycle of growth in relation to any given culture. These small family businesses have been around for generations in our country and they have been producing and growing healthy and excellent food for decades yet most of them are unknown to the general public.

Our task is to enable those family businesses to sell and market their produce and also to make our buyers aware of their existence.

It is our firm belief that it would be beneficial to all of us if there existed a larger number of smaller food producers. We started this business with the aim of bringing together those producers and in that way change the habits of a vast majority of people regarding their ambivalent attitude at best towards and total ignorance at worst of healthy food and healthy eating habits. We should point out here that the portal is not an advertising/middleman service. We have our own logistics and all the products on offer are available in real-time. All the products we offer are produced without using preservatives and artificial additives. The producers have always honoured the traditional principles of growing and producing food. This is closely connected to the rich cultural heritage of Croatia and you can rest assured that each and every product we offer will give you a unique gastronomic experience! Today, tomorrow, every day.

'' We like good food and share a passion for tasty meals, especially if the food in question is home-grown. We are dedicated in our intention to connect all people who love home-grown food and those who produce it.''


Fino.hr team
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